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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


         WHAOOOOO........HELLLOO!~ everyone !

             Itssss been yearss !!~ since i enter this blog and i dun even know when did created it .

             Well the reason why i had remember about this website is because i was thinking of my memories, and suddenly the thought of writiing my blog popped out to my mind so here i am writing it again !!! ^..^ 

         Today is the 9th of march 2011 , and i remembered the last post was like i think after the hillsong concert. Anyways,.... today was so fun while i was walking to the science lab maiko and i laugh like physco people . MY stomach hurts so much and i was so thirsty after that good laugh, actually is the biggest laugh that i have since i was like i think 7 ,during 2010 i had never laugh this way be 4 and today my laughing box finally open again ! i wanna thank you to MAIKO YAMANE !~ Big shout out to u !

            MAiko yamane is a very good friend , she was actually kinda a friend  that i can ''click'' on  ,and she is smart and funny ,when i am down she will cheer me up like a cherry !! LOL no im not les.... please dont think this the wrong way ! if not i will bit the ass of u !  SO yesterday , maiko and i have like a fight i wont say is a fight but a misunderstanding. DURing science lessons, ms thomas gave us our scienece paper and maiko got good marks and she was really happy , so i was jealous and i told her not to be too happy (in a joking way), Maiko thought i was serious and so she got angry and i know that .,,, i keeep apologising to her but she ignored .

       Things did not go smooth , maiko cried and i cried in different times , i was upset because i have hurt her and i hate myself of being a big mouth and wish that i have take the words that i have said to her . So after that  ,maryam told me that maiko doesnt hate me and i think both of us were wrong and we feeel bad with each other , but everything went well today ~ :)

      And right be4 this happen ,somathing worst happen and , i m sorry i cant tell is too secret , and i dunno if the person forgive me or not but i wish that she will ,.  actually she did talk to  me but i think she doesnt mean it she is just doing for the group so the group will be satisfied but at least she talk to me.(basically is a really big story and i wont tell u if u cant be trusted by me )

      THe results is that GOd will put you in many trials and all of this trials is making you to be stronger . oh and i have beeen going to bible study .. is really nice the feeling that u know more n more words of GOD ,the more u feeel strong and happy . Eventhough  sometimes i feeel down but i will always have words from my heart giving me strength and comfort.  

       EVEry night , i can sleep well better than before , before going to bible study , i always have bid thoughts before going to sleep , and i cant sleep properly . DEvils ,and evil stuff will always come out and is so really hard to sleep bit now im fine.

       I think reading the Bible is the most important of a christian life,..no wait.. is reading the bible is a must to every christian life .... reading the bible can help increase the relationship between GOd i mean .... how do we know the voice in ur head that tell u what to do is really GOD ? how do u know that u can trust the voice in your head that tells u to do stuff?  

       THE more u read the works of GOd in the bible ,the more u will understand how God works in our life . God is neverchanging and is forever the same .  

       ok dun wanna write anymore bye and GOd bless !~ 

                                                                                                                                   xoxo ashley , >.<