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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


         WHAOOOOO........HELLLOO!~ everyone !

             Itssss been yearss !!~ since i enter this blog and i dun even know when did created it .

             Well the reason why i had remember about this website is because i was thinking of my memories, and suddenly the thought of writiing my blog popped out to my mind so here i am writing it again !!! ^..^ 

         Today is the 9th of march 2011 , and i remembered the last post was like i think after the hillsong concert. Anyways,.... today was so fun while i was walking to the science lab maiko and i laugh like physco people . MY stomach hurts so much and i was so thirsty after that good laugh, actually is the biggest laugh that i have since i was like i think 7 ,during 2010 i had never laugh this way be 4 and today my laughing box finally open again ! i wanna thank you to MAIKO YAMANE !~ Big shout out to u !

            MAiko yamane is a very good friend , she was actually kinda a friend  that i can ''click'' on  ,and she is smart and funny ,when i am down she will cheer me up like a cherry !! LOL no im not les.... please dont think this the wrong way ! if not i will bit the ass of u !  SO yesterday , maiko and i have like a fight i wont say is a fight but a misunderstanding. DURing science lessons, ms thomas gave us our scienece paper and maiko got good marks and she was really happy , so i was jealous and i told her not to be too happy (in a joking way), Maiko thought i was serious and so she got angry and i know that .,,, i keeep apologising to her but she ignored .

       Things did not go smooth , maiko cried and i cried in different times , i was upset because i have hurt her and i hate myself of being a big mouth and wish that i have take the words that i have said to her . So after that  ,maryam told me that maiko doesnt hate me and i think both of us were wrong and we feeel bad with each other , but everything went well today ~ :)

      And right be4 this happen ,somathing worst happen and , i m sorry i cant tell is too secret , and i dunno if the person forgive me or not but i wish that she will ,.  actually she did talk to  me but i think she doesnt mean it she is just doing for the group so the group will be satisfied but at least she talk to me.(basically is a really big story and i wont tell u if u cant be trusted by me )

      THe results is that GOd will put you in many trials and all of this trials is making you to be stronger . oh and i have beeen going to bible study .. is really nice the feeling that u know more n more words of GOD ,the more u feeel strong and happy . Eventhough  sometimes i feeel down but i will always have words from my heart giving me strength and comfort.  

       EVEry night , i can sleep well better than before , before going to bible study , i always have bid thoughts before going to sleep , and i cant sleep properly . DEvils ,and evil stuff will always come out and is so really hard to sleep bit now im fine.

       I think reading the Bible is the most important of a christian life,..no wait.. is reading the bible is a must to every christian life .... reading the bible can help increase the relationship between GOd i mean .... how do we know the voice in ur head that tell u what to do is really GOD ? how do u know that u can trust the voice in your head that tells u to do stuff?  

       THE more u read the works of GOd in the bible ,the more u will understand how God works in our life . God is neverchanging and is forever the same .  

       ok dun wanna write anymore bye and GOd bless !~ 

                                                                                                                                   xoxo ashley , >.<



Sunday, September 26, 2010

been a long while

   Hey guys! iTs been a long while since i write this blog .sO anyw2ay, school started and this term im in year 8 which means im form 2 and everything will change and everything will be more harder soon.  
    WEll im just gonna write all my changes out so i can just recall myself and what GOD have done for me ok lets see. First my mom n dad n other uncla n aunty form a new church called Cogc,before forming the new church i was in Shekinnah,everything in Shekinnah is amazingly awesome and over there that was my first time really knowing the real God and i was doing well,my school AMC was nice and everything was so easy and smooth sure i 've gone through hard times but then everything was just the way it suppose to be.
         In COGC was nice and i was still growing great my friend s they are awesome , fun and understanding i miss them alot . Everything was doing good and that was the time i go to I.I.S .Is nice there God give me new friends there and they were ok. Then slowly and slowly , there a hole in my heart that is getting bigger ,my mind is like negative ,dun feel anyone that love me and was carried away from all the things that i do and i forgot God. Each day, at night there is always a feeling that something is wrong and i can feel that they was something missing ,i searched for God 's voice every night but i cant find it anywhere. So they it goes slowly slowly the hole in my heart is getting bigger and bigger,and one day ,my parents told me that is time to leave the church.My impression was "why why ???? why??? " and my parents told me everything , tears cAME out of my eyes and i was so sad.
        After few days later ,i start to think about what my parents said and so i followed what they and then we move to CGBC ,over there everybody was friendly and nice and the worship team was nice too but i am still lost at that time. On August, Hillsong united came , i was excited and went for 2 days ,that 2 days was not a waste it was the days that i surrender to God and said : "God come back to my life " Evary thing was changing that night my heart was feel with joy and peace and feel love and mostly i know God was there always ,.that @days was the most wonderful days ever!

        After Hillsong concert ,my hearts was thirsty and hunger for God and i was reading the bible like i never really have interest in it.The more i read the bible the more i understand what the scriptures and everything we need to know its all there ,when times of trouble read the bible, thats what you can do and thats awesome . The bible is like a Handbook for our life and could really tell evreything that you need to know.

        But then school starts and then the fire for God slowly slowly is getting smaller and leseer and lesser days i was reading the bible.go to church evry saturday and sunday,and then on Sunday ,Mama lai bring me to the prayer thingy which i dunno what does ot really called but is a place where evrybody pray .Then i was there the first time it was nice and i dunno why i just cry evry time when they finish praying and today i really cry out  and lavina was there and wai kiet and ........... errrr........ i forgot cheering me . The problem is people is saying that i look sad or maybe im just sad or maybe is the feeling that  i feel touched but wait yeah slowly i think of it is a feeling that i feel love thats why i was crying Its a feeling that i feel touched that everybody needs God in every single way and including me .

         The conclusion i think God gives a purpose for me eventhough i have to go through difficulties but in the end of the road is a place where God is waiting for you to go home. and every step is getting harder and hader that s why we need God more ok im gonne closed it up with prayer :" Heavenly father ,i pray that you will bless everyone who is going through difficulties like what i am dealing now help them to understand you more help them to find their way and in the end you will be there waiting for them to bring them home ,help them to understand you more walk in your ways feel us with ur holy spirit and bless us in our sleep,protect our mind and body Lord and let us remember that you will always be there for us no matter what,in Jesus name i Pray ,Amen!"

Friday, September 3, 2010

it is been dunno how many days i never write you~

            Today is a friday and i have 2 more days to go to turkey. Eventhough im not so excited about it but i hope that this trip will be amazing.
             Last two weeks was ok and know many secrets from people that i dun expected  will be like that  , then secrets from people that is very close to me and then i just feel broken and feeling down but now i gotta suck it all up and just forget all about it and move on. and never forget about how amazing is GOD.
              Then i saw my favourite people too they are the ones that are like sisters n brothers to me. And most of all the person that ive been .......... for .He looks fine i guess but anyway i also bought new uniform and books .
              This whole 7 weeks will soon going to end and is time for a new beginning , so good luck for me and  wish that it will be a better one ! pray to God that it will be a great start from the begiinning to the end! so till next time i shld write TEEHEE BYE!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2 Days in Kl

            Hello! Today i just came back from KL. Although i must listen two fights in KL , i still have fun.
First day in kl, i followed my dad and my mom to a meeting then after meeting we went to a place where there is many variety of foood.

             And guess who i saw???AMBER  CHIA!!! Yup!!! i dunno is special for u guys but it is for me i think , waitt........ not really . TEEhEE!!

            MY parents and i eat in a restaurant that is called i dun really know but who cares.  So this restaurant is a spanish restaurant they serve food in a small portion and the place got a bar to drink beer. The food is AMAZING!!!  When my dad was paying the bill, suddenly the waitress ask us are we christian and we said yes ! So i thinkk is nice she notice that we are ! Jesus rocks!

          When we went home to the apartment my dad wanted to take a shower but there's a problem there is no water so my dad and i must go downstairs and go to the some place to ask the security guard to open the meter .Then one of the guard went to check . After checking ,the guard told us that the meter was taken out means there is no water for us and we must get a plumber.

           So the other guard in the office called the manager to get the plumber .The manager called the plumber but the plumber doesnt want to fix it . So my dad was so pissed off that he called straight to the manager and ask him why must he wait till tomorrow .So the manager called another plumber and the plumber said yes .So thank God !

            Skip the part,next morning  we went to midvalley and shop mom bought the most stuff. And there this part where my mom have a fight in the store . The store is Levi's .but we still got the jeans YAY! then we went home! then the end of the day okay im tired im going to bed bye!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Endorang Bunglow Trip

             Hai everyone! Last weekend was so fun!  ok where should i begin ok i know! Saturday ,i wenat to Bukit Tinggi and live in the most amazing banglow yet in my life. The banglow have a swimming pool and a fish pond and everything was great.
             So what happen was first when we arrived ,me and my pals went down to the garden and take some silly pictures we did funny stuff.Then ohhh!( i forgot we went there with other uncles and aunties )  So this is what happen ,the pond and the swimming is like together but in the middle of the pond and the pool there got a boundary so we walk on it ,my friend VINCENT HO was so scared that he pissed my brother because he was walking so slowly on the boundary.
               Then the uncles came down to the garden where the pool is to swim while the aunties go to a pomd where they soak their feets in the pond to let the little fishes to eat the dirt of their feets, my friend and his sister try it and my bro try it but i was scared.Then slowly i just put one of my feet in the pond the fish came to my feet and eat dirt of my feet. it was ticklish and is like ur been electric shock.
              Then we went to the pool we just sit there with our feets soak. Then Vincent splash water at us ,so we splash back water to him, we were so wet by that time,then we stand up and wanted to go explore the house .By that time when Vincent stand up , I Try Pushing  Him into the Pool but he was so heavy that he can stable himself.   But he wanted to go in to the pool so when i pushed him he pause for a while and he went in to the pool .Then my bro ,her sis and i also went into the pool and splash at each other it was so fun .

             After that we went to thos restaurant where they weird food that is weird and nice i think .the restaurant was decorated with umbrellas sighed by many people and we eat  crabs there .  After eating it, we build a crab mountain and we called it "The Lord Of The Crab"  .It was nice and weird.
              After dinner , we went back to the bunglow  and we stayed up late the time was 1:30 am.and rest.

               We supposed to go for jogging but it was raining so no.It was boring and im tired.But after lunch we went to Colmar Village .The place is suppose to have French stuff but There was nothing special .so boring.  Then we went to Japanese Teahouse, It was boring too. BUt i saw .......................... and .... so ........ but too sad .. got ............. But anyways after that we went back home.  ToO SEE PICTURES PLEASE GO  fACEBOOK AND SEE AT THE PAGE!Thank you!


Friday, August 20, 2010

Guess Who???

             Today is  peaceful Friday, so in order to make things more exiting ok there's nothing exciting that i can do . So i'm just gonne write my friend's personality and you must guess who if you want  to.
         Ok lets start this person like sports but it like a few sports.It doesnt really understand what im talking about and ask all silly question that i dun really like to answer .It sings and play music its favourite song is vila la vida ,but it's ok but sometimes its corky.
             The next person is it loves music,it 's funny and it's really cool sometimes. It sings well and plays good music.But its alright and its so funny that i cant stop laughing.
         So this person is link to the person above .Its really funny when both of them .Its also play music sings.Its the perosn i can trust and its the most trusted friend i ever had. 
           The other friend is also link it is a bit serious but funny in her own way. It can be the person that i can talk to and it be always be a good friend.
          The other person loves penguin .Sometimes it likes to do funny stuff to me and make me angry .But now i really really miss it. And sometimes she is the best.
          This person really is cool.It help me go through stuff that i hate and help me alot but now we are still friends.It is my sister.
          OK this are all the person that i wanna shout out thank you for being there you guys are the best!!! <3 <3 <3

Thursday, August 19, 2010

whaooo whaoo whaoooo.......JUST JOKING!

Heloo everybodyy!! welcome to meeee blog~ hope you guys enjoy reading!
This is the first time writing a blog YAY~ 
Oh im gonna start writing the things that i do from monday! Last Monday was awesome, thanks to my mom and dad they have help me to understand the bible scriptures that i don't understand in fact i havent stop reading the bible until now! The bible isnt just words and words the bible is LIFE! Everything that we do,everything that we need to know is all inside the bible and this  isn't a force that im reading the bible this shows that i am hunger and thirst for God (means i want to know God more) Ever since i've been to the Hillsong Unite +Conquer concert, my whole life is changing day by day.
           The pain that i feel inside my heart , the lost that i feel ,and everything that i feel hurt and isolated is all gone as  i open my heart and invite GOD back to my life  on 14 august 2010. At that moment,i feel loved and touched, and that time i know GOD is with me and GOD loves me and is just the beginnig.
           So God is good all the time , all the time God is good!When troubles come,look to God! okk bye !